How did your dog perform this season?

During the shooting season, it is always a good idea to make a note of where your dog may need some ‘tweaks’. Where did it go wrong? How could it have been better? This will give you a good list of things to work on out of season. This is also where one to one and group training can be of great benefit.

In the case of one to one training, it is an opportunity with a trainer to review what is happening with either the dog or the handler and correct it accordingly. Group training is also an excellent opportunity to take things to the next level and train your dog in a different environment with distractions that one to one training cannot offer. It is also an opportunity to socialise with other Gundog owners. Watching other people train their dogs is an excellent way of noticing where you may be going wrong and how to correct it.

Black Cocker psaniel with phesent in mouth
Training Spaniels in long grass

So as the season draws to a close, make some notes (if you haven’t already) and take them along to one of your local gundog club training sessions or sign up for one of our forthcoming Fortiscorde training classes.

For that fine tuning, we also offer one to one training sessions where we really do get into the detail of dog phycology to understand how to get the best out of your dog.

Call us today to find out more details or to book a session.