Gundog Theft Awareness


In this weeks’ E-Bulletin BASC share their dedicated webpage providing advice and guidance on what to do if you are faced with dog theft or looking for a missing dog. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent the volume of puppy sales and prices soaring – people are seeking a companion for the long days in lockdown and provide the ideal escape and excuse to get out in the fresh air.

BASC commented that in a recent BBC article, Working Gundogs, are highly trained and indispensable to gamekeepers and those involved in shooting – making these animals a prime target for dog thieves due to them being highly trained, sociable and well mannered.

The write-up addresses some important hints and tips for preventing dog theft both at home or in kennels and extra precautions to take when out and about.  Whilst you will never stop the most determined of dog thieves, there are certainly deterrents you can put in place to make it less appealing and put them off.

BASC also offer tips for added security when selling puppies and advice on what to do if your dog is missing or thought stolen.

Yes they are working dogs, with a purpose, but they are certainly no less a part of a family as a pet dog and leave gamekeepers and the like devastated.

To read the full article visit the BASC website: Gundog Theft Awareness | Advice and guidance from BASC


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