At Fortiscorde all members of the family are involved in raising the puppies we breed. Their time spent with us and their mother is crucial to their development before they head off to their new home.

Our preference is for the puppies to remain with their mother for 8 weeks. Some breeders may allow puppies to leave as early as 6 weeks old. Although this is will not be harmful to the puppies in anyway, if they have been fully weaned from their mum, but much of the puppies ‘boundaries’ are set during weeks 6-8.  A puppy needs to learn the life skills required for it to be confident and happy in its environment.

Crucially socialisation with their siblings will help them build confidence and experience play. Quite often a puppy will be the only dog when they arrive at their new home so it’s important that they develop confidence and learn how to play ‘gently’. The mother will, through play, teach her young valuable lessons such as how to control biting and when to be submissive.


Cocker Spaniel Puppy

You will see puppies rough and tumble with each other – it may look like fighting – but they are learning very valuable skills. When a pup gets too boisterous in the litter the other pups will let them know by nipping or yelping. The mother will also let them know when they are stepping over the mark! You will see this more in puppies during 6-8 weeks of age – hence remaining with the litter until 8 weeks really can make a huge difference.

All our puppies are played with daily and encouraged to explore the many sights and sounds of a busy household. We also have cats and other dogs so they really do gain valuable experience and build their confidence quickly, ensuring the puppy you have is confident, sociable and well mannered (as much as a puppy can be at only 8 weeks!).

Fortiscorde is a working kennel therefore all our puppies are docked by a veterinary surgeon at 3 days old and will be microchipped before they leave our care. The required worming and flea treatments will have also been administered several times during the eight weeks following birth.

The responsibility of a new puppy can be quite overwhelming but don’t worry, we will provide you with plenty of advice and guidance to help them settle into their new home. All our new owners receive a goody bag with some food to help with transition, a collar and the puppy’s favourite blanket! You will also receive all their original Kennel Club registration documents, copies of their microchip and docking details, a 5 generation family tree as well as 4 weeks free insurance.

Don’t forget we are not just breeders – Gary is also a dog trainer and can work with you on obedience and basic training as your puppy grows as well as gundog training later on if you are considering working your dog either beating or picking-up.


One of our litters, just a few days old.

We love to keep in touch and see the progress of all puppies and will invite you back for a 1st Birthday party celebration!