The relationship with dogs started tens of thousands of years ago, most probably as a simple work arrangement—we hunt and eat together. Times changed, and society became more complex, dogs adapted so they continue to share our lives.

Today, dogs are involved in our lives in so many ways. No matter what we are up to, there is usually a way to have a dog by our side. They fill voids in our lives, comfort us in our darkest hours, and, most important, they make us strive to be better humans.

That’s what most of us hope for when we open our lives to that loveable four legged friend, be it a ball of fluff and puppy breath or to an adolescent or mature dog who needs a new home. What we certainly don’t hope for it’s a K9 terror that messes up the house, shreds your most treasured belongings, barks non-stop and all hours, and pulls your sholders out of its socket on every walk. Sadly, for so many people, these miserable images sum up life with their dogs.

What makes the difference between the vision of a great dog and harsh realities?

Simply put…. Training. And not just any training, but consistent, focused training that builds mutual respect. It’s not something you can learn overnight, nor is it something that you can pick up on your own. You need the help of experienced trainers and coaches.

Dog training is a big business with thousands of books, schools, and products designed to make the job easier. A recent scan of the keywords, “Train Your Dog” turned up nearly 10,000 results on alone. For the average or first-time dog owner, it can all be so bewildering that people give up in despair.

Our training has been designed to keep people on track with early simple techniques, and then to help move them on to advanced work, where the fun really begins.

Let us assist you turn the dog by your side into the dog of your dreams.

Dog training for Kidderminster, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Bewdley, Stourport, Bromsgrove and the West Midlands.

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