‘Introduction to Gundog Puppy Training’

Gundog puppy basics – introductory session

Two-hour (one-off) group training environment – Puppy Class

This Gundog Puppy Training session for new puppy owners covers the do’s and don’ts of gun dog puppy training. Suitable for all gundog breeds from 16 weeks up to 6 months.

Our aim is to help you build a lifelong bond by sharing why it is so important to establish the foundations needed for a well behaved and calm companion early on – making both gundog puppy training and walks enjoyable.

This Gundog Puppy Training Class will provide you with plenty of useful tips, advice and training techniques in the form of games and exercises you can practice with your gundog puppy in their early months.

Our popular puppy training classes offer plenty of support, advice and fun training techniques you can use with your gundog puppy during their early months of training to build your bond and embed the essentials.

Training is focused on understanding the basic skills needed for a gundog – the Fortiscorde Foundations practiced in this class are aimed at helping you to set boundaries and create positive behaviours, preventing bad habits from creeping in.  Forming good habits from the onset will make training your puppy (gundog or pet) far easier, and enjoyable in the long run.

Our gundog trainers explain how the simple exercises and games the puppy is taught now, through play, are extended as training progresses.  Getting it right now makes everything so much easier.


Held once a month, February to October.  Pre-booking is essential due to the popularity of this class and numbers are strictly limited. These classes are always SOLD OUT so early booking is advised. Email: info@fortiscordegundogs.co.uk to book you place or contact us on : 01562 312595

Classes will be held at our training grounds near Stourport-on-Severn in Worcestershire.

If you are getting a new puppy in the near future or you have a puppy less than 6 months old and are keen to start your puppy off on the right paw, then please register your interest by emailing:  info@fortiscordegundogs.co.uk

Gundog Training Puppy Class Dates for 2024:

Saturday 3rd February 2024 – (10am-12:30pm)

Saturday 16th March – (10am-12:30pm)

Saturday 20th April – (10am-12:30pm)

Saturday 18th May – (10am-12:30pm)

Saturday 29th June – (10am-12:30pm)

Saturday 20th July – (10am-12:30pm)

Saturday 31st August – (10am-12:30pm)

Saturday 28th September – (10am-12:30pm)

Sunday 27th October – (10am-12:30pm) SUNDAY due to the shooting season.

Pre-booking is essential due to the popularity of our classes as numbers are strictly limited.

Email: info@fortiscordegundogs.co.uk to book you place or contact us on : 01562 312595

You and your puppy will learn:

Loose lead walking – encouraging a calm walk, with a loose lead and tips on how to prevent pulling on the lead.

Food training – very different from treat training, this builds patience and steadiness at feed times.

Recall training – lots of exercises all focused on developing the recall. This is one of the key issues new clients come to us for help with in dogs around 6-12 months old.

Retrieving and gundog basics – we are passionate about sharing with you the benefits of employing gundog training techniques for gundogs breeds (even if just pets) by their very nature gundog breeds need to be stimulated and enriched – so tapping into their natural instincts during training is the way to ensuring a happy and healthy dog.

Why is our training as successful?  Simple…. We take you back to basics – the dog as a natural animal – no training gimmicks or on-trend fads – just simple, uncomplicated commands and training techniques that tap into the natural instincts of gundog breeds.

All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance along with a Puppy Pack Information Resource full of useful hints, tips and advice on raising a young gundog puppy.

It is proving popular for people to attend a couple of the puppy classes.  Although this is a one-off class, attending an extra class (up to 6mths of age) gives an opportunity to review progress and nip any bad habits in the bud.


If you cannot make one for the dates, why not book a private ‘Puppy Lesson’  Ideal for when you want other family members to be involved. Consistency is so important for a young puppy, especially when young children are in the home. Our friendly trainers will get all the family involved!  Contact us for more details: info@fortiscordegundogs.co.uk

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Don’t just take our word for it… Here’s what some of our puppy owners have to say.

“We attended the puppy class today with our 5month Cocker Bonnie.
Highly professional and a huge amount of experienced knowledge and advice passed on!
We shall definitely be partaking in the Level 1-3 gundog training.
We’re are looking forward to our 1-2-1 sessions!” – Geoff Smith 

“Would highly recommend. We attended the puppy class with Gary and Jo
and learnt so much! Already seeing a difference in Roux and she had a blast!
Can’t wait for our 1-2-1 sessions – Lauren

“Went to our very first Gundog puppy class today with Gary and Jo and it was brilliant!
Ryan and I cannot recommend them enough.
We were welcomed in a very positive manor and the training session itself was very educational and informative.”
Ryan, Yaz & Narla

“Attended a Puppy Class with our Cocker Spaniel puppy Bojo – it was well organised and extremely informative.”
Alison & Bojo